Although hockey violence is a mixed opinion of the spectators there is a good reason for the fights.

Players known as goons that are trained professionals and paid to protect the finesse goal scorers fight many hockey fights on the ice without injury. This is labeled as hockey violence many times by people who have never played the game and do not understand the reasons why players choose to mutually fight.

If you have played the game then you are aware of the physical fast nature of the coolest game on earth.  Wayne Gretzky has been known to speak against hockey violence but when he was playing with the Edmonton Oilers he had an enforcer to protect him by the name of Dave Semenko.  Semenko was not known for his hockey ability but for his ability to protect many of the Oilers top producers including Mr.Gretzky.

Hockey fights are sometimes confused with hockey violence.  This is what people label when a one off situation happens where a player really gets hurt due to a dumb and ruthless incident on the ice.  This sort of behavior is brutal for the game and is not needed for entertainment value.  Again we don’t want to confuse this with a mutual bout between two heavyweights slugging it out and the fans going wild.  Now that is hockey!

Information regarding fighting and hockey violence