Inline hockey is different from roller hockey and derived from the ice hockey. The inline hockey is played between two teams that includes one goalie and four skaters and played on a dry rink and the central line divides it into two halves. There is also one net tied at the end of each rink.

The inline hockey is played in two 20 minutes time period. When this game is played on the competitive level, then it is sternly bound by the central rules of the body. Entertaining hockey leagues can make alterations in the rules in order to suit certain requirements like length of periods, size of rink and penalties. This game resembles like rink hockey but varies in the rules of the game and in the type of skate.

Difference between Inline Hockey and Ice Hockey

  • Inline hockey is played only with the aim to play the puck and played in a different strength as compared to ice hockey.
  • No unbiased zone
  • Inline hockey contains no offsides in the USA .
  • Inline hockey is generally played with a goalie and four players on the surface. A plastic puck and a ball are used in the game.
  • No ice is allowed in inline hockey.

Rules and Equipment

Rules of the game differ by an authorizing body. Every team is made up of a defense man, a goalie and 3 forwards such as a right, center and left wing. The main goal of every player is to hit the ball or puck into the goal of the opposing team. The game is immediately stopped in case of penalties, goals, puck or ball going out of play and time out.

At the beginning or ending of the game, face offs occur. Safety equipments in inline hockey include hockey gloves, full face mask, shin guards, hockey helmet and elbow pads. There are also other equipments which provide safety during the game such as inline hockey hip pads, jill or a jock and hockey shoulder pads.

Playing Surface

Indoor inline hockey is played on a non-slip surface. Sports Court is used for playing the inline hockey which provides an unbroken gliding and smooth surface for the puck. The playing area for inline hockey is enclosed by boards on all sides.

Sanctioning Bodies

Two lines of sanctioning bodies are used for inline hockey – one is related to icehockey community and the other is related to the rollers sports community. Worldwide inline hockey is managed by International Ice Hockey Federation which has organized various IIHF Inline Hockey World Championships.

Inline Hockey

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