When it comes to hockey goalie equipment, most goalies do not consider Itech goalie pads right away when they are shopping for their next pair of leg pads. This is not because their goaltender equipment is not of a high quality and sufficiently protective. The reason why Itech goaltender pads are not as popular as say RBK goalie equipment or Vaughn goalie gear is because Itech has traditionally been known as more of a head protection specialist. Itech has made quality goalie masks, hockey helmets, half shields and full shields for many years, but they only just recently have began to venture into the world of goalie equipment manufacturing.

The good thing about Itech not really making a huge splash in the goalie equipment scene is that you can buy their goalie equipment for a more affordable price than some of it’s better known competitors such as Vaughn and RBK. The fact that Bauer owns Itech now means that they have the backing of a major player in the hockey and goalie equipment manufacture world. The Itech goalie pads that are being sold presently are of a very high quality and they will work just fine for anyone looking to buy new goalie equipment.

Though Itech has become best known for the way that they build such quality hockey goalie masks, there is no reason to believe that Itech goaltender equipment is not going to be made with the same attention to detail that their masks have become known for. Something that is interesting to note when it comes to hockey equipment brands in general is the fact that many of the smaller or more niched manufacturers of hockey equipment often get bought out by the bigger and more well known hockey equipment brands like Bauer or CCM. This means that although the equipment still has the Itech brand name on it, they might be made in the same factory as Bauer which means that the manufacturers have perfected the art of building a quality Itech goalie pad.

When it comes to buying new goaltender equipment, it can be difficult to choose between all of the different brands and models available online or at your local hockey pro shop. Though you might not have thought of Itech goalie pads as being of the highest quality to be able to compete with some of the bigger brands, you should not overlook these pads because they absolutely are of a good quality and sufficient for most goalies in most leagues of play, not to mention the fact that you might be able to save a little bit of money by purchasing Itech goaltender equipment.

Itech Goalie Pads