For many hockey parents, buying hockey sticks for their children can be difficult. Not can buying hockey sticks be incredibly expensive, but it can also be very hard to know exactly what to look for in a hockey stick for a child.

Too many children beg their parents to buy them the very popular, however over priced, one piece composite junior hockey sticks. I cannot stress enough the fact that buying composite sticks for your child should be avoided if you are on a tight budget for your child’s hockey equipment. Your money would be much better spent on some quality ice hockey gear for your child that will keep your child protected and will prevent injury. A young hockey player who is just starting to play hockey will not be able to see any benefit in their shot or stick handling ability by using a composite junior hockey stick. You will literally see no difference in your child’s hockey playing ability by spending more than a hundred dollars on junior hockey sticks that are of the composite variety.

Once your child has been playing hockey for several years and has built up his or her strength, then and only then will you want to consider spending extra money on their ice hockey sticks. Composite hockey sticks can be beneficial to hockey players, but only after they have developed proper shooting and puck handling technique with a wooden youth hockey stick.

Just like with buying any youth ice hockey equipment for your child, it is not all that difficult to know what exactly you should buy if you do a bit of research online prior to stepping foot into your local hockey shop or visiting your favorite hockey equipment website. If your child is very new to hockey, do yourself a favor and make sure that you save your hard earned money by getting them wooden junior hockey sticks. Ice hockey does not have to be as expensive as many people would like you to believe. Yes, hockey can cost quite a bit of money if you do not go about purchasing your youth hockey equipment the right way, but if you are wise with your money and you understand where, when and what to buy in terms of hockey equipment and hockey sticks, you will see that you can afford to let your children play hockey on a budget while making sure that they are properly protected.

Junior Hockey Sticks