If you have a child that plays ice hockey, you know that buying kids hockey skates can be a difficult and frustrating process. Obviously ice hockey equipment is expensive, and with a growing child you have to purchase ice hockey gear much more frequently than you would probably like. The prices of hockey skates for kids have been going up each year as hockey equipment manufacturers perfect the art of making quality skates. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do in order to save money when purchasing kids ice hockey skates.

Probably the most obvious way to save money when buying childrens hockey skates is to buy used. Of course you know that kids grow each year, and with that comes the necessity to buy skates sooner than you would need for an adult. Many children insist that their parents buy them the latest and greatest model of brand new skates, but when they out grow those skates, they end up having to buy a new pair and usually decide to sell their old skates. Luckily for you, their are an abundance of used kids hockey skates at your local hockey pro shop and on auction websites such as Ebay. Another benefit that comes with buying used childrens ice hockey skates is the fact that they come already broken in for your child so that they do not have to be uncomfortable for the dreaded break in process.

There is another way you can really save money on kids ice hockey skates which is relatively new, but I foresee it catching on like wildfire eventually. The hockey pro shop that I used to work at in Minnesota actually has a skate leasing option. Basically leasing kids hockey skates means that you pay a fraction of what you would pay for new skates in order to basically rent the skates for a year or two. Sometimes these leased skates will be brand new and sometimes they are slightly used. After your lease is up, you have the option to either turn your leased skates in and upgrade to a bigger size if your child grew, or if they are not too small you can either extend the lease or buy the kids hockey skates out right.

With hockey getting more and more expensive each year, you have to get pretty creative in order to get your child the ice hockey equipment that they need and not spend an arm and a leg. Luckily with hockey skates being so expensive, some hockey pro shops are realizing that they need to offer some affordable solutions to allow hockey parents to afford to buy the skates that their children need in order to play the sport that they love.

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