These are some of the market leading wheels as the main two brands on the market are the Labeda wheels and the Rinkrat wheels.

The Labeda Gripper wheel are suitable for all Inline skates or roller blades that are designed for inline skating and they are available in two forms soft (white wheel) and Medium (Yellow).

Both wheels are made of the same material and all offer a good rebound, now you may be thinking ‘what is rebound? Or what does Rebound mean for inline hockey wheels? Well it is the bounce the wheels give wheel you are pushing your wheels into the ground to skate, the strength of the rebound is how much ‘push back’ it gives to you, as this takes the stress out of your skating and makes the wheel more responsive.

If you hear someone say a wheel is 84 rebound, this basically means that if you drop the wheel from 100 feet in the air, it will rebound up 84 feet.

All of the Labeda inline wheels or roller blade wheels are very durable, they of course are designed to meet difference needs in the market.

Now it is a choice as to what suits you better as the harder the wheel the faster you can skate, however you give up the grip which allows you to turn or stop easily, alternatively you can have a great grip with your wheels but you will slower as the wheel sticks to the ground.

There is also the weight issue, as the softer (white) wheels are designed for people within a certain with to allow for a combination of the players weight to determine how much the wheel flexes and grips to the ground

The Labeda Gripper hockey wheels were their first wheel which was introduced with they new flex technology which is at the forefront of inline wheel technology at the moment, the core allows the wheel to flex and this gives you more ‘footprint’ on the floor which in turn gives you more control and grip.

In summary the Labeda wheels are a great wheel to consider, as these are the standard bearing wheels which allow the greater market to appreciate what they do, and then labeda has higher end wheels such as the Millennium and the Addition wheels which start to get really impressive but they do come at a much higher cost, which is recommended to try out the Gripper wheels to see if they suit your style and give you what you need before you move onto the Higher end wheels.