As you go about your hockey off ice training, one thing that you may start to encounter is a slump in motivation. It’s perfectly normal to feel unmotivated at times, especially during season lows when you don’t have important games right around the corner. But, if you want to improve your long-term performance on the ice, you’re going to have to find a way to stick with your hockey off ice training and making sure to take the steps necessary to boost your motivation will help accomplish this goal.

Let’s take a quick look at the top mental tips that you can use to stay motivated during hockey off ice training.


The very first mental technique that you should be doing regularly is visualizations. Visualizations will be where you find a quiet place to sit or lay and then actually visualizing yourself performing how you want to perform.

When you can ‘see’ this for yourself in your mind, it’s going to be that much more likely to come true as you’ll already feel as though you’ve had the experience before.

Many top level athletes use visualizations before important games or training sessions to maximize their performance give themselves a self-confidence boost that they are capable of attaining their performance goals.

Session Goal Setting

The second way to stay motivated during your hockey off-ice training is to make sure that you’re not only setting long-term goals, but also setting session goals as well.

One big mistake some hockey players make with their off ice hockey training is only thinking long-term. Think short term instead.

What do you want to accomplish that specific workout? Set at least one objective for that workout session and you’ll be giving each workout a new meaning.

Performance Reviewing

Moving on, the third must-do to stay mentally motivated is to make sure that you review your performance regularly. Take account of what you seem to be improving on and what you could work harder at.

Looking at both sides – improvement and needs improvement will help you gain a sense of self-efficacy that you are making progress and then the encouragement that you need to push harder in areas that need it.

If you only focus on your shortcomings and never look at the improvements that have been made, this can be very detrimental to your motivation.

Workout Journaling

Finally, the last thing to make sure you’re doing to stay motivated for your hockey off ice training is journaling regularly. You should be writing down how much weight you’re lifting in the gym as well as how many sets and reps you did as well.

This will also allow you to look back over time and see the progress that’s been made and can help each session feel that much more worth while.

Sometimes on a day to day basis it can be hard to see performance improvement but on a long-term basis, it will become that much more evident. – Information. Motivation. Supplementation. Mental Tips To Stay Motivated During Hockey Off Ice Training

So there you have the top tips that you must remember when it comes to mental motivation strategies of success. The more of these you can implement in your training, the easier time you’ll have staying committed to your off ice hockey training.

Mental Tips To Stay Motivated During Hockey Off Ice Training