When I was a kid, I remember being fanatical about playing knee hockey with mini hockey sticks. Every year it seemed as though everybody on my team was obsessed with knee hockey tournaments anywhere that they could be had. I always felt like it was an exclusive miniature hockey stick club that only my friends and I were a part of, however, I have come to realize that almost everybody I know that played hockey as a child had mini hockey stick tournaments just like we did when we were young.

We played knee hockey anywhere we could, but I had a one place that stands out as one of the best locations for the ultimate mini hockey stick games. The all time best spot for knee hockey is in the hotel hallways while your team is out of town on a road trip. I realize that any hotel and it’s guests would not take kindly to mini floor hockey stick games being had at all hours of the day, and I am certainly not condoning kids today playing knee hockey in hotel hallways, I’m just simply saying that hotel hallways were always the funnest places to have our intense games.

Buying miniature hockey sticks can be difficult if you are not in the hockey scene. However, if you play hockey and go to tournaments you can often find these little hockey sticks at souvenir stands or pro shops at the ice rink where the tournament is located. Another place where you can often find mini sticks to purchase is at local professional, minor league, college or junior hockey games. A lot of times these rinks also have souvenir shops and mini hockey sticks often compete as some of the souvenir stands best sellers. If you do have trouble finding a place where you can buy the mini stick, you can be sure that you should easily be able to find some online by doing a simple search on the internet.

One thing is for sure, if you have kids who are interested in hockey you might consider buying them a few mini hockey sticks and a soft ball or soft hockey puck. I can almost guarantee that your children will have hours of fun with their own set of mini sticks to play knee hockey with.

Mini Hockey Sticks