Depending on what you prefer in terms of ice hockey equipment manufacturers, you might stick with the same type of hockey helmet throughout your hockey playing days. Not much more than ten years ago there were really only a few options in terms of ice hockey helmets to choose from. You had your run of the mill CCM, Bauer and occasionally you would find Jofa hockey helmets at your local hockey pro shop in North America. Sure each brand had a few different models to choose from, but on the whole there were not nearly as many options for head protection as there are today.

Now when you go to an ice rink and look at the hockey players on the ice you can see youth and adult hockey players wearing not only CCM, Bauer and Jofa helmets, but you can also see hockey players wearing the Mission hockey helmet, RBK hockey helmet and even Easton helmets. When Mission first entered the market they focused mainly on providing protective equipment to roller hockey players, but as a few years past they decided to enter the ice hockey equipment market and have done pretty well. There are even a few National Hockey League players that are sponsored by Mission. Mission hockey helmets have a very distinct look compared to its competition. When you first take a look at the Mission hockey helmet you may be put off by its looks and you might be of the opinion that their helmets are ugly. While I definitely have to agree that Mission ice hockey helmets are somewhat ugly, I am going to go out on a limb and assume that these helmets are very comfortable and they are also incredibly protective which is all you really want in a helmet.

If you can get past the initial look of the Mission hockey helmet, you might find that these are actually very well made helmets that can compare to the comfort of the old Jofa hockey helmets that former professional hockey players like Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr and Peter Forsberg used to wear. Too many players these days worry too much about looking cool and the consequences of looking cool while playing hockey can potentially cause severe injuries to hockey players. You might consider doing a bit of research on hockey helmets and which ones offer the best protection, I am not 100% sure, but I would guess that Mission hockey helmets are up there in terms of being one of the most protective hockey helmets that you can spend your money on. These hockey helmets made by Mission might be a little bit difficult to find at your local pro shop, but luckily today we have the internet and many hockey equipment websites that sell all sorts of different ice hockey equipment, I’m sure that after a few minutes of surfing on the web you can find a place where you can buy your own Mission ice hockey helmet.

Mission Hockey Helmet