If you have ever collected NHL hockey cards you probably thought of them as an investment where if you could keep them in mint condition for many years, a good hockey players card could be worth much more than when you initially purchased it. While this is a possibility, turning NHL hockey cards for a profit is actually pretty difficult.

The truth about hockey cards, and other sports cards in general, is that most of the cards that you purchased quite a few years ago will not be worth much more than a few pennies more than when you actually purchased the hockey card long ago. But, if you get the right rookie card for a superstar hockey player and you can keep it in mint condition for a few decades, you could actually turn a hefty profit by selling the hockey card at a sports memorabilia store, auction or even online.

There is however, one major factor involved in whether or not your NHL hockey card will be worth a lot at some point in the future, the most valuable ice hockey cards have to be quite rare. If for some reason you ended up getting a limited edition rookie card for Wayne Gretzky, you could now easily sell that hockey card for a lot of money right now, but if you waited another twenty or thirty years you would probably make a killing. This is just a hypothetical situation, but you never know when you might come across a rare hockey card that you should make sure not to trade away and to keep in mint condition.

If you are an avid NHL hockey card collector, you will probably want to know the value of your hockey cards buy purchasing a Beckett price guide for hockey cards. This way you can know what of you cards have the most potential to make money in the future. Obviously, you should not get into collection hockey cards because you think that they will make you rich, because the chances that you would be able to sell your cards for a lot of money in the future are slim. You should approach collecting hockey cards as a hobby that you enjoy, and if at some point down the road you make some money off of your collection then that is just an added bonus. I had a lot of fun collecting hockey cards as a child, and have never made a dime off of any of my cards, but that doesn’t really matter to me because I always enjoy being able to look through my old cards and remember back to the times when I first got those cards.

NHL Hockey Cards