Many people who appreciate either watching or playing ice hockey are often on the look out for NHL hockey pucks of their favorite National Hockey League teams. Some people casually collect hockey pucks and others are fanatical about it. We used to have quite the ice hockey puck collection when I was a kid. There were pucks with team logos from all sorts of leagues, but perhaps the most treasured of pucks in our puck collection were the NHL hockey pucks with either retired team logos or defunct teams. We had pucks from old National Hockey League teams such as the Colorado Rockies, Hartford Whalers, Winnipeg Jets and Quebec Nordiques. For some reason these pucks always felt a little bit more valuable than the rest of the NHL ice hockey pucks.
Finding NHL team pucks is actually fairly easy now that the internet has become so popular and easy to use. There are many websites where you can buy ice hockey collectibles and memorabilia. You can find anything from the most common NHL hockey puck to a very obscure limited edition puck from past all star games, for example. Auction websites often have people on there selling some incredibly rare hockey memorabilia and if you enjoy collecting hockey pucks these are definitely websites you would want to visit on a daily basis.
If you are uncomfortable buying things on the web you can still participate in hockey puck collecting, especially if you live in a town that has a decent hockey presence. Many ice hockey equipment pro shops that sell any thing from ice hockey skates to pro stock hockey sticks also sell a variety of hockey pucks with many logos on them. Also, if you go to any professional, college or junior hockey games in your home town the arenas usually have souvenir shops that sell many collectible hockey pucks. The other way to go about finding rare NHL hockey pucks is to go to sports memorabilia shops. Sometimes these shops offer some great pucks for your collection. Anything from autographed pucks by current and ex NHL players to game used pucks in historic games can be found at these memorabilia shops.
If you are interested in starting your own NHL hockey pucks collection, the great thing about this hobby is that it is usually relatively inexpensive and each puck usually only costs a few bucks a piece. Collecting hockey pucks is something that I consider more fun than collecting hockey cards simply because you can display your hockey puck collection as a nice decorative piece around the house and you don’t have to worry about keeping them in mint condition like you have to with ice hockey cards.

NHL Hockey Pucks