With more and more girls playing hockey each year we are seeing more ice hockey equipment customized with the color pink. Eagle is a hockey equipment manufacturer that specializes in making very high quality hockey gloves that can be customized with many different colors and materials. One of their products which has become very popular among female hockey players are the Eagle pink hockey gloves. The fact that they have started to manufacture stock pink hockey gloves has made many women that play hockey be able to show their softer side in a game that is traditionally known as being rough and tough.

Pink ice hockey gloves are probably not going to be worn by organized hockey teams in youth hockey leagues or women’s college hockey leagues. But for the female hockey player who plays in amateur adult leagues and tournaments or if they play drop in hockey, pink hockey gloves can be worn because all of their ice hockey equipment does not really need to match in those types of settings. Though it is getting easier and easier to buy hockey gloves that are pink right off of the shelf at your local hockey pro shop or online at hockey equipment websites, Eagle and other hockey glove manufacturers offer up a great feature for being more of an individual on the ice and customizing your gloves. You could essentially customize every section of your hockey gloves with the color pink. You could have completely pink hockey gloves or you could just have some hockey gloves with a subtle touch of pink.

With all of the advancements in how hockey equipment is made today, I have a feeling that part of what draws people into joining the great sport of ice hockey is the fact that no matter who you are you can wear your hockey gear however you want to express your personality and individuality. Even though women’s hockey is not as popular as men’s hockey and probably never will be, it is important that hockey equipment manufacturers make some of their equipment geared toward what is stereotypically the females taste. Obviously I am not saying that all women want pink hockey gloves and I am also not saying that men can’t buy hockey gloves that are pink, but to be quite honest these gloves are marketed towards women hockey players. More and more women are buying these pink gloves and I would not be surprised if more pieces of ice hockey equipment come customized with the color pink.

Pink Hockey Gloves