Many kids who play hockey or follow hockey like to play a game called mini hockey sticks. Basically mini hockey sticks is a game of hockey that you play on your knees in a carpeted area in your home most of the time. A lot of youth hockey teams that make road trips play knee hockey in hotel rooms and hallways as well. To play mini hockey sticks you need some miniature plastic hockey sticks that are often actually manufactured as souvenir hockey sticks for professional hockey teams. You also use a soft ball, this is very important to prevent breaking things in the house or hotel room where you are playing.

Plastic hockey sticks are pretty easy to come by today, as you can find them at local hockey shops, sporting good stores, toy stores and even online. You can also buy full mini hockey kits that come fully loaded with two plastic hockey sticks, a few soft balls or pucks and even two miniature hockey nets. Back when I was a kid, it was much more difficult to find the mini plastic hockey sticks used to play knee hockey. Most of the time, the only place where you could get these sticks was if you went to a professional, college or junior hockey game where they sold team branded plastic mini hockey sticks in souvenir shops. These days however, the internet has made it so that you can easily purchase plastic hockey sticks for your knee hockey games.

Some of the best memories that youth hockey players will look back on are their times when they played knee hockey games and tournaments with all of their friends and teammates from their childhood. The great thing about knee hockey is that it allows children that like hockey to play the game that they love wherever they want. Most kids who play ice hockey love to play the game so much that they can’t wait until their next scheduled ice time which forces these children to organize their own knee hockey, street hockey or roller hockey games wherever they can.

If you are looking to buy some miniature plastic hockey sticks, you should definitely look online as you will find an abundance of these mini sticks for the classic game of mini hockey sticks. If you can’t find the mini hockey sticks that you are looking for at your local pro shop or souvenir shop, you simply need to do a simple search online and you should be able to find many sources for plastic knee hockey sticks offered for an inexpensive price.

Plastic Hockey Sticks