Getting yourself prepared to play field hockey doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Finding your field hockey equipment online is convenient and affordable. You just need to know what you’re looking for and where to look. You can buy practically all your field hockey equipment online, field hockey sticks, shin guards, practice balls, game balls, stick, bags, mouth guards, even field hockey rebounders.

You’re field hockey equipment wouldn’t be complete with out having the right field hockey stick. This piece of equipment is vital to your game. Here are some tips to buying the right field hockey stick for you:

FLEXIBILITY – beginners and novice alike often choose a flexible stick because of their durability and they absorb shock.

“TOE” or “HEAD” – choosing the toe or head of your stick will vary depending on your style of play or position. SHORTI – one-piece head allows quick maneuverability; MIDI – slightly longer, increased hook surface, allows for a larger area for hitting, stopping, flicking, receiving and reverse stick.

LENGTH – most players prefer a longer stick. If you are unsure you can determine the right stick length by your height: up to 5’ tall – 26-34 inch stick length / 5’-5’3 – 35 inch stick length / 5’3-5’7 – 36 inch stick length / 5’7-5’11 – 36-38 inch stick length.

WEIGHT – most field hockey players will use a medium weight stick. Field hockey sticks range from light (18 oz. to19 oz.), to medium (19-22 oz), to heavy (22 oz to FIH maximum 25.9 oz [737 grams]). Forwards usually prefer a lighter stick for quick maneuvering; defenders often choose a heavier stick for clearing hits and to stop attackers from casually “pushing” the stick aside.

Shop online for all your field hockey equipment and be sure to search for the best deals. If you’re just starting to play field hockey, there are great buys for used field hockey sticks and most of your equipment. Look for name brands like Brine, CranBarry, Zoppo, Grays, and STX. Enjoy and have fun!


Play Field Hockey! Make buying your field hockey equipment easy, convenient and affordable when you shop online.