Hockey is such an exciting sport, especially when the Rangers are involved! I try to get my Rangers ticketswhen I can so that I can see my team play live! The thing is, when getting a Rangers ticket and watching the game live, it pays to know some basic rules and behaviors so that you are somewhat assured of a good time. Every time I have a Rangers ticket, I make sure of the following:

1. That I have warm clothes on- although it can be a warm day outside the venue, it may be extremely different once you’re done getting your Ranger tickets and you’re inside the stadium. Of course one should expect it to be cold, as ice is involved! I always make sure to bring a scarf and a hoodie when I watch the live game so I am comfortable while watching my favorite team play.

2. I am considerate of other fans there- I know that after I have bought my Ranger tickets I have every right to be there as the other guy. However, why make enemies when I can make friends with them instead? I make sure I am in the right area and the correct seat beforehand. I see to it that I do not behave too loudly or am too obnoxious that the person sitting next to me is disturbed. I also make sure to get my food and go to the bathroom before the game begins, so that once the game starts, I am comfortable in my seat and don’t have to go out.

3. I bring as little with me as possible- I don’t watch Ranger games with a lot of cash, jewelry or extra stuff. I don’t want anything to be stolen. Instead, I try to be as minimal as possible, and bring only the things that I absolutely need, like my cellphone and a little cash. It’s just safer that way!

Do you have your own game etiquette that you subscribe to? I would love to know what you do! Please share and tell what you do to make game night hassle free and fun for you!

Rangers Tickets And Rangers Game Reminders

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