When it comes to hockey goalie equipment, many goalies decide to choose a brand and stick with it for the duration of their time as a goalie, whether it be amateur hockey or professional hockey. A lot of goaltenders really want to make sure that everything that they wear, in terms of the external gear i.e. leg pads, catcher, blocker, breezers, etc are of a certain brand which they prefer. There are many brands that stick out as a top notch goaltender equipment manufacturer, but perhaps the most sought after and popular brand of goalie gear available today is RBK goalie equipment.

RBK goalie gear has not been around all that long, but it seemed as though right when their pads were made available to goaltenders, that they were all over the place. While RBK goaltender equipment is incredibly popular among many goaltenders, a lot of it has to do with the fact that some very big named professional goalies in the National Hockey League wear RBK. Roberto Luongo of the Vancouver Canucks and Marc Andre Fluery of the Pittsburgh Penguins are two such goalies. Amateur and youth hockey goaltenders are often times obsessive about goalie equipment and they truly appreciate looking at all of the different pads that the most famous goalies in the world use.

When youth hockey goaltenders see their favorite goaltender wearing a certain brand and style of pads, they often hope to own those very same pads at one point or another in their hockey playing days. I remember when I was a goaltender and I saw Ed Belfour wearing his black and white Brian’s goalie equipment for the Chicago Blackhawks, then my parents bought me a pair of leg pads similar to his and I was ecstatic. The same thing is happening today with RBK goalie equipment.

RBK goaltender gear has a unique look and style, and they are made from high quality materials that can stand up to the stress of thousands of shots. Like many other brands of goaltender gear, RBK goalie pads can be customized with the look and colors that you might prefer. If I were still playing goalie today, I would definitely have my next pair of pads be RBKs. Everytime I see a goalie wearing those pads, I usually think to myself that those are a great looking pair of hockey goalie pads.

RBK Goalie Equipment

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