If I were still playing goalie today, I often think about what pads I would choose to wear. Even though I am not playing goalie, when I watch hockey or play hockey I always notice the pads that the goalie wears. The goalie equipment being worn today really has improved from what was being worn in the past. My choice were I still to be playing goalie would have to be to purchase some new RBK goalie pads.

My favorite National Hockey League goaltender is Marc-André Fleury, and I have always liked the leg pads and gloves that he has chosen to wear, especially when he wore the completely solid yellow pads that he wore a few years ago. I also really like Cristobal Huet’s all red RBK goalie pads that he used to wear with the Chicago Blackhawks. I really just love the look of the RBK goalie pad and every time I see someone that has pads that I like and I can’t figure out what brand they are, after a few good looks more often than not I realize that they are sporting RBK goalie leg pads.

The best looking goalie pads, in my opinion, also usually don’t have too many graphics on them and they just display a solid color and the logo, no patterns at all. I have never understood the elaborate designs on goalie equipment or hockey equipment in general. I prefer solid minimal look on any hockey equipment that I wear. That goes for everything from goalie leg pads, hockey gloves, even hockey jerseys, there is nothing I hate worst than a hockey jersey that has too much on it. Hockey is a sport that prides itself on the traditions that it has carried with it for the last hundred years or so, and I think that is a big reason why I like equipment that has a minimalistic design to it.

I have always loved goalie gear and that is the reason I started playing goalie when I was 8. I played goalie for many years after that, and it all began with my desire to wear the goalie equipment that I saw the pros wearing way back in the day. I still get that same feeling when I see goalies like Marc-André Fleury, Cristobal Huet and Roberto Luongo wearing their RBK goalie pads. These pads offer the classic look that fits within the hockey tradition, but when you look at them up close you can see that the craftsmanship on the RBK goalie leg pad is of the highest quality.

RBK Goalie Pads

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