The Reebok 8K inline skates offer some great performance features which we will cover off while we review this inline roller hockey skate.

Starting off at the base of the skate is the wheel, the RBK 8k inline provides you with the top RinkRat hornet wheels which come in White to match the colour of the skate which is in a sleek white with black trim design, and is the only inline skate to be offered this year by RBK. The wheels are used with ABEC 9 bearings which are a pretty decent bearing and is ABEC top offering.

The chassis used is a tri chassis, which basically means it involves 3 different size wheels which is a consideration as it can cost more for the new wheels when you are looking to get them, with the set up involving 1 72mm, 2 x 76mm and 1 80mm.

However they are designed to provide more speed for the skater and force them lean more forward to match the position of an ice hockey player.

The chassis is connected to the bottom of the skate which is an composite outsole which provides great rigidity and response without the added weight, which keeps the skate light.

The RBK 8K inline roller skate comes with the pump feature found on the higher-end RBK skate range. Some people might ask what is the RBK pump feature or function? This is basically two air bladders either side of the ankle which you can pump up to provide a customised fit to your foot which will provide a better fit and more responsiveness when skating.

A point to remember is if you choose to Bake your skates (not something you necessarily need if you have the pump feature) but if you do choose to bake a skate with the pump feature, make sure all the air is out of the pump before you do, as the hot air inside the skate could damage it, and you don’t want that on a new set of inline skates.

The design of the inline skate offer some decent features such as an air vent on front to keep air going through skate and also keep your foot cool.

There is also another feature found on the RBK inline skate called skatelock. This allows you to tighten both top and bottom of the skate or if you have a preference (e.g. you like the top to be looser or the bottom to be loose and vice versa, then this allows you to do this.

The tongue on the RBK inline skate is a traditional thick white (to match the skate) felt Tongue, which is a modern 2 piece which allows the tongue to bend and form around the leg.

In short this is RBK top offering for Inline skates and it offers a lot of great features and provides decent value for money. The only thing you need to ask yourself is whether the white design is something you like, if not then the RBK 6K inline skates will offer you the more traditional black design which also looks good.