Some people are unclear on what the fuss is about Rink Rat hockey wheels or ask themselves what is the best inline hockey wheel? Or who offers the best hockey wheel, or even just what is the difference between inline hockey wheels.

Well the RinkRat Hockey wheels are patent protected since 2002, where they look to replicate a car tyre so that when driving along the air tyre flattens out and give more ‘footprint’ to the wheel and gives you more grip overall.

Rinkrat have tried to replicate this but not using air but more a responsive wheel using a responsive hub in the middle, a softer (patent protected) inner core and then using a harder outer core to ensure it has more durability.

By doing this makes the rinkrat hornet wheels (their flagship wheels are this time) highly durable yet still manages to give you the grip that you want when skating at high speeds and stopping and turning quickly.

The skate wheel design is patent protected, which RinkRat claim means what makes them different ot their competitors is that that everyone else has to use the same ‘hardness both on the inner and outer parts of the wheels, which is what maintains their edge. However it can be argues that Labeda have managed to replicate this in its own way as these two are considered the leading hockey wheels in the market.

The benefit of the rinkrat hockey wheels are they have the ability to respond to the skating and take the ‘stress’ out of skating as you are hitting the ground with your wheels the skates wheels are taking this and giving it back, effectively support you and aiding you in your skating.

RinkRat have used the same technology in most of its range, the only exceptions being their entry level wheels which do not use this to make sure they stay competitively priced yet still offer good value for money.