If you are a goalie in ice hockey chances are that a big reason why you started playing goalie is because you are passionate about the hockey goalie gear. Most of the goalies that I know list one of the main reasons that they started playing goalie as being due to the goalie equipment that they wear. Hockey goalie gear is much more customizable than the gear that the other hockey players wear. Everything from goalie mask paint jobs to custom colored and sized goalie leg pads, goalies get to showcase a bit of their personality and taste in the equipment that they wear.

The downside to being a goalie in hockey is the fact that playing the position is expensive any way that you look at it. Obviously buying brand new hockey goaltender gear is going to be more expensive than purchasing used gear, but a lot of goalies simply refuse to buy used equipment because they like the idea of ordering custom hockey goalie gear. However, buying used goalie equipment also has its advantages. The great thing aboutused hockey equipment in general is that it saves you (or your parents if you are a youth hockey goalie) a substantial amount of money. Another great thing about used hockey goalie gear is the fact that it comes broken in. When I used to play goalie I used to absolutely dread breaking in a new, stiff pair of goalie leg pads or goalie catch glove.

Whether you are on a tight budget or not, you do have the option of playing goalie. Saving a lot of money when buying goalie gear is a possibility, you just need to know where to go to find discount goalie equipment. Shopping for hockey equipment online is a great way to save money because you can compare prices easily and these online hockey equipment websites can often offer a cheaper deal on gear because they often do not have the overhead and expenses of your traditional hockey pro shop. You might also consider buying your hockey goaltending gear during the summer because it is the off season in hockey and you can usually find closeout deals on last years models of all sorts of hockey equipment.

Buying goalie equipment is an exciting process that does not need to cost an arm and a leg. As with any product, you should probably spend a bit of time researching each piece of hockey or goalie equipment before you purchase it so that you do not make a mistake and spend more money than necessary.

Save Money on Hockey Goalie Gear

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