Warrior as a hockey brand is somewhat new to the hockey equipment scene, however they are quickly making a name for themselves as one of the top hockey glove manufacturers in the sport. Warriorhockey gloves are very similar to Eagle hockey gloves in that they are both made with the finest craftsmanship and it is relatively easy to get completely customized gloves.

The Warrior hockey glove is now being worn from many National Hockey Leaguesuperstars. Now that might be surprising if you are a hockey player who has not yet been exposed to Warrior, but if you try these quality hockey gloves on just one time, you will quickly see that there is a reason why stars such as Ilya Kovalchuck, Anze Kopitar, Thomas Vanek, Alexei Kovalev and many other NHLers are sporting Warrior ice hockey gloves. This alone should be evidence that Warrior is the up and coming hockey equipment brand that is giving the traditional brands like Bauer and Sherwood a run for their money.

The way that Warrior has branded their product is also something that is unique and effective. Many other hockey equipment brands give each product a number, whereas Warrior gives each of their pieces of equipment a catchy name such as Warrior Franchise hockey gloves, or Warrior Dolomite hockey gloves or even Warrior Hitman hockey gloves. It seems like their product has a progressive feel to it and their website is also evidence of that. They seem to be taking a new approach to hockey equipment which has always been very traditional and straight forward.

Warrior hockey gloves are becoming extremely popular among hockey players young and old, but Warrior also has plenty more hockey related products. Warrior hockey sticks are also becoming more popular as well. If you don’t have much experience with Warrior, you might want to do some research online and check out some reviews…you will more than likely be surprised with the number of happy customers that they have who will tell you they are more than satisfied with the Warrior hockey product.