One supplement that you might have thought about using before as you go about your weight training for hockey workouts is creatine monohydrate. Many weight lifters often utilize this supplement as it’s been known to help with lean muscle mass building and therefore enables them to reach their goals faster.

But, it is something that a player should be using as well? Let’s take a closer look so you can get the necessary facts straight on whether this is the product for you.


Creatine and Strength Performance

The very first thing that you’ll want to consider is the connection between creatine and strength performance. Since one of the primary goals of weight training for hockey will be to increase your strength output, this does tend to make creatine quite beneficial.

Creatine is going to help to re-saturate the precursor to the high energy compound ATP, which fuels each and every muscle contraction.

Since weight training for hockey will deplete your ATP stores quite quickly, when creatine supplementation is in place, you can ensure that you’re able to generate that ATP readily as the workout continues.

If you weren’t supplementing with creatine then you’d like find that you fatigue very shortly after your first few sets thus would not be able to get in the total amount of work necessary to reach your muscle building goals.


Creatine and Quickness

Another way that creatine will help benefit the hockey player is it can aid with quickness as well. Since your muscles will require that ATP for any type of sprint related activity, when you’re on the ice going after the puck and are skating as fast as possible, this is the main type of fuel you’ll be using.

If you run out of ATP, your performance and speed will quickly decline, therefore you won’t be playing nearly as well as you could be.

With ongoing ATP generation, you’ll stay energized and be able to give 100% through all your on-ice shifts.

Creatine and Weight Gain

Finally, one thing that you should note with creatine is that it can cause some temporary weight gain when you first starting taking this. Some hockey players may find that this excess water weight gain does hinder their hockey dryland training performance as well as their on-ice performance, so just ensure that you begin using it at a time when performance isn’t absolutely critical, such as right before a big game.

If you do that then you shouldn’t experience any issues with using it as the water weight will quickly be lost within about a week.

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So there you have the must-know facts about creatine. It can be a very beneficial supplement to use for hockey players when used correctly and when a good workout is in place. Just remember that creatine alone won’ t help you build muscle mass. It’s the hard work that creatine allows you to do that will best encourage greater gains in strength and speed.

Should You Use Creatine With Your Weight Training For Hockey?