As you go about your hockey dry land training as well as your on-ice training, having a good degree of lean muscle mass behind you is essential in order to be able to fend off other players as well as have more force generation behind you as well.

In order to be able to generate sufficient lean muscle mass tissue, you’re going to have to use a higher calorie diet so you’re providing more energy than your body needs to maintain its current weight. This will then give it the fuel to build new muscle tissue out of, allowing you to move closer to your end goals.

Let’s take a quick peak at six foods that you should be eating for superior muscle building ability.


Ah Nuts

By far, one of the simplest ways to get more calories into your day is simply to begin snacking on nuts whenever you can. A handful here and there can easily add 300-400 calories to your day, quickly boosting your intake and building the lean muscle mass you’re after.

Nuts are also a fantastic source of healthy fats and contain a small amount of protein as well, all while helping you maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is the second of the muscle building foods that you should be eating daily and is loaded with healthy antioxidants and vitamins. While raw fruit is also a very healthy food to choose, the problem is that it contains too few calories and will fill you up quickly.

By going with dried instead, you’ll get at least three times the calories per serving, all without feeling overly full or bloated.

Raw Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a fantastic carbohydrate sources as it’s slow to digest and contains no added sugars. In addition to that, it also packs in some healthy fiber to keep your digestive system in top shake.

Rather than cooking it like you normally would however as then it does become a high volume food with few calories, have it raw like you would any other cereal.

This is another sneaky trick that will allow you to boost your daily calorie intake and support lean mass gains from your weight training for hockey workout sessions.


Salmon is one protein source that you should be aiming to eat at least three times per week while looking to build muscle. It’s full of quality amino acids and more important, also contains essential fatty acids.

These are important for lean muscle mass building and will also help to boost your immune system and ward off disease, so something you should never be without.

Salmon is a higher calorie fish than cod or tilapia, so that will come in handy for getting that intake up there.



Another good source of protein to be eating is lean steak. Steak is higher in the nutrient iron than chicken or fish and this is important for preventing fatigue throughout your workout session.

Iron is what will ensure that you have healthy red blood cell levels, which transport oxygen to the muscles during each and every contraction.

As long as you choose leaner cuts to prevent too high of a saturated fat intake, this can also be part of a very healthy diet plan.


Finally, don’t overlook flaxseeds. These are easy to sprinkle onto a bowl of yogurt or added to a protein shake and will contain protein, carbs, fiber, as well as essential fatty acids.

All around they’re just a really great food.
So there you have the top muscle building foods that you need to know about. If you can be sure to add these into your diet regularly as you go about your hockey dry land training, you will be on your way to success with lean mass building.

Six Foods For Lean Mass Building