This type of hockey is a game that was invented for the people having physical disability and enables them to participate in the ice hockey game. This game is also called as sled hockey in the US . This game was invented in Stockholm located at a rehabilitation center situated in Sweden in the year 1960. Presently, it is considered to be the well known game played in the Paralympic Sports.

History of Sledge Hockey

The sled for ice sledge hockey was designed by two men living in Sweden in the year 1960 as they wished to participate in hockey inspite of having physical disability. The design for ice sledge hockey consists of two gliding blades on a metal framework that enables them to pass below the puck.

There are several limitations used in Paralympic Sports on the weight and dimensions of the sledges. After the creation of the sledge hockey, tough competition was made between the different sledge hockey players which began in 1969 and consist of five teams. Great Britain developed the first ice sledge hockey groups in 1981 which was pursued by Canada in the year 1982. After that many countries such as Estonia , United States and Japan established their groups.

In 1994, global sledge hockey became an authorized occasion and this game was played in the Paralympic Sports held in Lillehammer along with Sweden and won the gold medal in the competition. Then Paralympic Games held in several countries like Japan , Italy , Norway , Nagano and Utah won various gold, silver and bronze medals.

Rules of Sledge Hockey

Various ice hockey regulations were imposed and executed to several ice sledge hockey associations throughout the world. In 1990, the first set of worldwide regulations was formed and was prepared from the rules of Canada . Rules are implemented in such a manner so that the players can make use of them without the assistance of a trainer. The exterior area within the penalty benches and players benches are prepared from ice or smooth plastic in order to prevent from any harm to the sledges of players.

The players are allowed to follow the rules which were laid down by the Ice Hockey Administrative Committee before using the ice sledge hockey equipments such as helmet, sledges, protective gear, sticks and skates. The metal picks which were used in the ice sledge hockey should not be pointed and extend beyond 1cm outside the stick therefore it cannot cause any harm to the other players.

Sledge Hockey

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