As you go about your hockey dryland training, it’s important to consider some of the supplements that are available that can help you take your training to the next level. While having a good training and diet program in line are the two most vital factors for success, after that if you can add in a few quality supplements, you’ll see even further progress towards your goals.

But, if you walk into any supplement shop you’ll find it’s incredibly overwhelming just how many are available. That’s why you need to go in with an action plan so you know which will help and which will just burn a hole in your wallet.

Let’s take a quick peak at the top supplements that you should consider using to support your hockey dryland training.

Protein Powder

The very first supplement that you’ll definitely want to consider is protein powder. Having a good whey protein powder is going to help you meet your protein needs with ease and will also ensure that you’re able to quickly rebuild torn muscle tissue after each off ice hockey training session that you perform.

Choose an isolate protein powder for right around the hockey training and then choose a casein protein powder for all other times during the day.

Fish Oil

The second supplement that you’ll want to consider adding to your daily regime to support your training is fish oil. Fish oil is a great immune system booster and will also help to promote better overall insulin sensitivity.

This then means that when you consume carbohydrates in your diet, more of those carbohydrates will be shuttled off to the muscle tissues rather than potentially getting converted to body fat stores.

Since staying lean as you go about your hockey training is important, this supplement will help accomplish that goal.



Glutamine is our next supplement that will be important for best performance. Glutamine is one particular amino acid that plays the biggest role in your immune system strength, so by taking it immediately after your hard hockey dryland training and then again before bed
when your body enters into the intensive repair process, you can ensure that you wake up the next morning feeling great.

Glutamine is found in the body in moderate concentrations, but for those who are training regularly it’s often not enough to support proper recovery.

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Nitric Oxide

Finally, the last of the supplements that will help support hockey dryland training is nitric oxide. This supplement is designed to increase blood vessel dilation, which then enhances blood flow to the working muscles.

This will then translate into less fatigue felt for you as well as enhanced nutrient deliver after the session is completed and you’re having your post-workout shake or meal.

Most people also find that nitric oxide will improve their workout intensity as well, so that’s another thing to be considered.

So there you have the top facts to know about which supplements can help support your hockey dryland training goals. If you make sure to use these properly, they can take your progress to the next level.

Supplements To Support Hockey Dryland Training