Back about ten to fifteen years ago, Tackla hockey pants were all the rage. Whenever I see a hockey player wearing these pants it reminds me of the good old days when a lot of players first choice inice hockey pants were Tacklas. For some reason, Tackla as a hockey equipment brand never really caught on as well as a lot of the brands that are still around today, but the look of the Tackla hockey pants were unique and stylish with many pairs sporting the stripe down the side and three Tackla logos in the middle of the stripe.

You might not know it, but Tackla ice hockey pants are actually worn by many professional hockey players in the National Hockey League, they are also worn in international play by many national teams and I actually think that Tacklas are worn by players in professional hockey leagues overseas in Europe. Most of the different brands of hockey pants are not all that different from one another, and the design and make of hockey breezers, as they are often called, are usually almost identical in the amount and placement of padding used to provide protection. Tackla hockey breezers aren’t much different from your typical hockey breezer, aside from the fact that Tackla hockey pants are so recognizable due to their aesthetics.

These days, Tackla hockey pants are somewhat difficult to come by here in the United States. Many hockey pro shops do not carry a stock of Tackla, but that does not mean that they are hard to get if you really want them. Searching online for hockey pants made by Tackla will return many results of the brand of hockey pants that many of us know and love. While today the Tackla brand of ice hockey pant might seem a bit retro and old school, that does not mean that they will not experience a renaissance and become one of the most popular looking hockey pants like they once were.

Tackla Hockey Pants

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