Recently I bought the best and most comfortable ice hockey skate that I have ever owned. I have recently had some issues with my ankles and feet hurting when I used to skate in my old CCM Vector hockey skates similar to what Alexander Ovechkin wears. However, after complaining enough about my feet pain I was persuaded to give the new RBK 9k hockey skate a try, and let me tell you, I am very glad I tried these skates.

The RBK ice hockey skate, caused me a bit of “new skate” pain for the first three of four skates, but after using them for a short period of time, they now feel as if I have had these skates for a year. I always hate breaking in new equipment, and have been a person who likes to purchase used hockey equipment in order to skip the break in process completely. Well, after just a few sessions in the new hockey skate that I purchased, I am happy to tell you that these skates are now completely broken in. The interior of the skate is incredibly comfortable and soft, and after baking them they now have a completely customized fit for my foot.

Another feature that the RBK hockey skate has is the trademarked Reebok pump that you have probably seen on some shoes. This feature is not completely necessary, however it is nice if you happen to feel like you might want a bit more support while you are skating. You can also inflate the pump or deflate the pump on the go. I usually give about fifteen to twenty pumps per hockey skate if I feel that I need to add some needed support because I did not tie my skates tight enough.

With so many options of hockey skates to choose from, it can be difficult to wade through the bad skates in order to get to the good ice hockey skates that aren’t going to hurt the hockey player with sensitive feet. My opinion is that the RBK 9k hockey skates offer up a great solution for anyone who needs a lot of support, but can’t easily find skates that do not hurt their feet. Peter Forsberg has had a really bad problem with his feet, over the last 10 years or so, which has prevented him from playing professional hockey regularly. I have started to wonder if he has given the RBK 9k hockey skates a try, because I honestly feel that this skate will be the best option for any hockey player with sensitive feet and/or ankles.

The Most Comfortable Hockey Skate

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