Looking to improve your hockey dryland training performance? If so, then one of the most critical factors you need to be looking out for is what you’re eating both before and after those training sessions. One thing many hockey players fail to realize is just how much of an influence the foods they’re putting in their body will impact them.

Simply put, if you aren’t feeding your body the quality nutrients that it needs for muscular repair after your hockey dryland training, you won’t see the muscle mass or strength gains you’re after. In addition to that, you won’t recover as quickly either, so you could find that you enter into your training sessions on the ice much more fatigued as well.

To help prevent this scenario from playing out, let’s take a quick look at the top five foods that you should be eating before and after you perform each hockey dryland training session.


When it comes to your pre-workout meal, turn to oatmeal for your carbohydrate source. Oatmeal is great since it’ll provide a slower digesting form of carbohydrates so you don’t suffer from an energy crash halfway through your training.

You should be aiming to eat your pre-workout meal about thirty to sixty minutes before you step into the gym to allow enough time for digestion and for the nutrients to hit the blood.

Whey Isolate Protein Powder

The second food on the list that should be consumed immediately after your training workout is whey isolate protein powder. This is a specially formulated type of protein powder that is going to digest very rapidly upon consumption, therefore the amino acids will move instantly to the muscle tissues where they’re needed.

It’s fast and easy making it the absolute most ideal way to get your requirements as you leave the gym.

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Egg Whites

If, however, you cannot have a whey isolate protein powder for whatever reason, the another good protein source to use after your hockey off ice training is egg whites. These are also entirely fat free and will get to the muscles rather quickly as well, delivering all the nutrients you need for muscular repair.

Just be sure to avoid cooking them in butter or oil however as fat should be left out of the picture post-workout.

White Rice

For your post-workout carb choice, think simple carbs. This way they can get into the muscles faster along with the protein and begin the process of refilling your muscle glycogen storage.

White rice is perfect for this and will work quickly, helping you see faster muscle strength gains from each session you do.

It’s also easy to prepare and only takes five minutes, so you can get the meal in as quickly as possible after the hockey off ice training.

Gatorade Powder

Finally, another good carbohydrate source to consider for either immediately after your training or else before the session if you’re doing it in the morning is Gatorade powder. If you’re working out first thing in the morning you likely don’t have 30 minutes to wait between the meal and the session, so a shake with protein and Gatorade powder will work perfectly.

This will hit your system faster than the oatmeal would, so will provide you with the immediate energy you need to complete the workout.

So there you have top foods to eat before and after your hockey dryland training. If you make sure to get your diet in order, you will have much better results to show for it.

Top 5 Foods To Eat Around Training