Ice hockey training for kids is essential for the young hockey enthusiast. We at have reviewed many ice hockey training programs for kids and have provided below reviews of the programs we recommend. We have utilized these programs in hockey community and the results were very positive in the development of young players. These are available as immediate downloads and can be implemented for your young player immediately to learn the basics and step-up the players’ skills with the proper instruction. We also provided various videos below with specific instruction techniques. Please feel free to view the videos as necessary and we will continually add new valuable instructional videos.

The First Program we reviewed is the HOCKEY SPEED AND POWER TRAINING PROGRAM.

What we like about this program: It was created by a former NHL player and is very detail oriented and geared to carious age players. It contains specific manual for each age group of players. Certainly, the personal training south yarra proposed for the 15 year old is different than the training suggested for the 8 year old. thus, different training programs are included within this program, which can be utilized for the younger players as well as the older youth. Very impressive program and well worth the minimal cost invested. It is our belief that the very foundation of hockey players is their ability to skate. Speed and Power skating are essential elements to this foundation and for the cost of a hockey stick, you can obtain training manuals that will last for years and provide many tips and drills to further develop your childs’ skating skills. We Love this program and we highly recommend it.

Training & Drills For Kids

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