Underwater hockey is a sport which is played by two teams without touching anything and fights in a swimming pool to move a puck descending towards the base of the pool into the rival’s goal using a short stick. This type of hockey is also known as Octopush. Fins, diving mask and a snorkel are worn by the players while playing underwater hockey.

Protective gear involves a mouthguard, a water polo style cap and a glove while playing the game. The present rules enable a player to wear a safety glove on both the hands to protect them from water. The reason is that the water fighter creates huge wavering movement ineffective so, the puck is played on the top rim of the stick.

They play with a short stick which is black or white in color and the signal of the team. The color of the cap and stick point out the team while playing in a tournament. The weight of the puck is 1.3-1.5 kg and covered by a plastic. The goals are 3m in width and are placed at the ends of the performing area.

History of Underwater Hockey

This game of hockey was first played by 4 divers such as Alan Blake, John Ventham, Frank Lilleker and Jack Willis from England . This game was discovered in the year 1954. Earlier, the team of hockey players consists of 8 players, not furnished front puck is known as a ‘squid’, a little shuffleboard stick is known as a ‘pusher’ and a goal was known as a ‘cuttle’ and later on a ‘gully’.

The main aim of this game was to maintain the affiliates of British Sub-Aqua Club from discarding the new club in the winter. The considerable modifications in the size of the team, equipment and other factors have made the game an international game. This game was first introduced in Canada and after ten years, the Underwater Hockey Association of British Columbia was established and got approval from the BC government.

Game Play

The game is played between two teams consisting of 10 players and out of them 6 players from each team play the game. Before the beginning of the game, the puck is positioned in the center of the pool and the players are allowed to wait in the water and can touch the wall which is on top of the goals.

In case the game begins, the players of both teams can swim anywhere in the performing area and attempts to score by transferring the puck into the goal of the opponent. The game continues till the goal is achieved or an interval is indicated by a referee during playing the game.

Underwater Hockey

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