I’ve been buying used hockey equipment since I first started playing hockey in grade school. In my opinion, unless you’re at least a semi-pro hockey player, used is best the way to go.

But you have to know what equipment to buy used and where to buy it from to get the best deals.

Most of my used hockey equipment I got from Play It Again Sports, way back before there was Amazon.com and bbshockey.com I used to swap equipment a lot too with different players on various teams.

For instance, if I had a hockey stick someone liked and they had a set of good used wheels for my inline skates or a decent pair of blades for my ice skates, we’d simply trade even up.

Hockey players who are on regular teams and play frequently often change up their gear almost every season. They like to keep up-to-date with changing trends and modifications and they sell their used equipment to other players looking for a bargain. Then with a little repair and touch up, most of the equipment can be used for another season or two by the players who bought it cheap.

Depending on the type of equipment, even if it’s been used for a couple of seasons, it may not have been used heavily and it still has a lot of play left in it yet. Even hockey skates with some scuff marks on them can be refit with new blades or inline hockey wheels and boot laces to get you through a season if you’re running short on cash and you need another pair of skates.

Some gear that can be bought used are hockey sticks, helmets, shoes, skates and even wheels or blades if you don’t want to get rid of the skate boots yet. Personal protection gear like chest protectors, shin guards and gloves should generally be treated for odor and bacteria before it’s advertised for sale so if you’re buying gear like that online, keep that in mind. If the price is too cheap to pass up, you may have to make the extra effort to clean it yourself before you wear it.

Where are the best places to look for used hockey equipment? Here are my suggestions based on the type of equipment you need.

Other Players

I used to get some really good trades on stuff with other players, even players from opposing teams. You never know what kinds of deals other players are willing to make if you’ve each got something the other player wants.

Play It Again Sports

If you have a store near you, at least within driving distance, that’s a great place to get some awesome deals on just about every piece of equipment you need from helmets to skates and everything in between.Play It Again even takes trades so if you have some stuff you want to sell, you can probably take it the store and get a price on it that you can apply to buying what you do need.

Used Hockey Equipment and The Best Places to Find Your Gear Cheap

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