Buying hockey gear doesn’t just stop at your hockey skates and stick. If you want to play like a pro hockey player or at least look like one, you can find it all online. Hockey gear ranging from hockey pants, gloves and helmets to hockey pucks, tape, nets and bags can be bought online and delivered to your door.

Purchasing a good pair of hockey pants to add to your hockey gear won’t be hard to do. They are made to keep you warm and dry and are very durable. All you need to concern yourself with is finding the right size. A rule of thumb would be to add about 6 inches to your waist size (for a bigger fit add 8 inches) and that will give you your pant size.

Hockey gloves protect your hands so you’ll want to make sure you get a good fit with piece of hockey gear. Your game will depend on how well you grip your hockey stick. Find gloves that are durable, lightweight and pliable. You’ll want good padding also for those unexpected hits. The fit of your hockey glove should be snug, not tight.

Your hockey gear wouldn’t be complete with out your hockey helmet. One of the most important points when buying your helmet is that it’s CSA or HECC approved. As far as fit, it should be just above your eyebrows, when the chinstrap is fastened it should feel snug and comfortable. Also when buying hockey helmets, check the hinges, how easy it is to adjust and the ventilation system.


Want to look like a pro? Get all your hockey gear online, from pants, gloves, pucks, helmets and more…