The Warrior Burn Ice hockey glove is a great looking design which uses same design on the back as the Warrior Surge hockey glove, but is offered at a slightly cheaper price as it uses a slightly lighter-weight foam which some would argue would make it better.

The glove uses Nylon for the entire exterior which helps increases durability and a little more breathability in the glove compared to some ice hockey gloves which use some synthetic materials.

The overall ice hockey glove protection levels are good, as the Warrior ice glove uses single density foam throughout, with an additional plastic insert in the thumb to prevent going backwards.

Looking at the Ice hockey glove palm material, for the Burn Warrior glove it is a dual layer microfiber material which is soft and allows for good movement, but has an additional layer in black at the base of the palm for increased durability.

Gusset almost a stretch jersey material which helps increase air flow into the glove

The overall design of the Warrior Burn glove is that it offers a bit more of a contoured fit using its standard 4 horizontal bars however with the design it is almost like 4 vertical bars allowing it to wrap over the hand a little more reducing the negative space and provide a more fitted glove, but to be fair it is not as ‘formed’ fit as some specifically designed contoured gloves on the market, but this is to be expected. So this will result in a little more volume but not as much as usual for Warrior gloves and allows for some decent wrist mobility for those sticks handlers in the team.

Overall it is a decent Ice hockey glove from Warrior and is good value for money. If you would like to check this glove out more with the specification details and see the price of this glove then please check out the Blue Cow Hockey website for the Warrior Burn Ice Hockey Glove to see the competitive price it is offered for in the UK. Alternatively you can return to the Home page where you can view all the products available at the moment.