What is warrior DD Blade mean?

As the one piece ice hockey stick are dominating the market now days, there are many different styles new found ‘technology’ out there that adds to players shot power or shooting accuracy etc, and it can easily get confusing for a lot of people exactly what is meant by some of these statements.

With that in mind there is the issue of the DD blade that Warrior ice hockey sticks offer on some of their hockey sticks.

In very simple terms it means it is a dual density blade, designed to make it feel better when playing as there are two difference core density in the blade.

At the heel of the blade the density is more solid so when you are hitting the ice which the stick it feels more durable and solid and you can trust the blade, whilst at the toe of the balde Warrior have made it a more ‘softer’ density which they claim actually allows you to shoot that little quicker and therefore maybe even a little harder.

It also makes the toe of the blade feel a little more responsive, the reason for the more solid heel density also allows for when you receive the puck, as it feels nicer coming onto the solid blade.

I hope this has helped clear this issue up for some people, if you are interested in some warrior sticks, or ice hockey sticks in general, then please check out Blue Cow Hockey website for some Ice hockey sticks, just click on the link and it will take you to the main hockey stick page.