The Warrior Vandal Ice hockey stick is one of the entry level ice hockey sticks from Warrior but still gives you a a lot for your money so you can get great value for what you want and need.

The hockey shaft is the traditional design using straight-wall shaft with rounded edges so holding the stick will be simple and easy. The Vandal hockey stick comes in a grip version so this provides a slightly rubbery coating to help with the handling of the stick.

The shaft itself is made out of Carbon deluxe which is a nice grade of carbon offering good overall power and durability without adding much weight to the overall stick.

The warrior vandal stick also has what they call a precision taper, which is where the flex of the stick is normally, they have moved this lower down on the stick to help people increase their wrist and snap shots as the rebound is lower it will give you better ‘kick’ from these shots which is a nice feature.

The blade of the vandal stick uses what is called ‘soft-core’ technology which basically involves some foam being used in the centre of the blade to provided some flex and decreases the vibrations of the stick, but it still has a solid outer-shell so it is still remains a very responsive ice hockey stick.

Overall this is a very good stick, the look of it is fantastic, the fell of the stick is a little blade heavy, but that is because it is the entry level sticks, and that is more than normal for stick of this range,. But in summary this is a great stick for people at a great price

If you are interested in buying one of these stick, then check out the product page for the Warrior Vandal Ice Hockey Stick on the blue cow hockey website where we offer some great prices.