Many hockey enthusiasts and hockey players go through a hockey card collecting phase at one point or another in their lives. Ice hockey is a sport that many people become extremely passionate about as soon as they get a little taste for the glory that is hockey. You do not have to have ever played hockey in order to appreciate it, many of my good friends have never played hockey before, but the appreciate the game for many reasons and they understand the details of what appears to be a very complex sport at first glance. Collecting hockey cards is a fun and healthy hobby which if you do it for long enough can have a nostalgic effect on you when you revisit your hockey card collection years down the road.
I actually have quite the hockey card collection, all of which were collected around twenty or more years ago. The hockey cards I was always interested in obtaining were the Wayne Gretzky hockey cards. Obviously many people were fans of “The Great One”, so getting rare Gretzky hockey cards was pretty difficult, and I would imagine that it is even more difficult today. However, believe it or not, I actually owned a Wayne Gretzky rookie card when I was too young to know the value of it. Unfortunately I ended up losing track of it and do not have that card anymore, but if I did I am sure it would be worth a lot of money.
The thing about collecting hockey cards is that you should not go into it thinking that someday you will be rich when you sell your Wayne Gretzky hockey cards in the future. Most hockey cards are hardly worth anymore than you initially spent on them back in the day. The value in collecting hockey cards should be the enjoyment and satisfaction of collecting hockey cards of your favorite players of the past and present. One day when you are much older, you can look at your hockey card collection and conjure up all those memories that you had of the players that you used to look up to.
This does not necessarily mean that you can’t make any money off of your hockey card collection if in fact you do decide to sell them someday. If you happen to have a rare card of a super star hockey player such as Wayne Gretzky, and you can keep it in mint condition for many years, then you might be able to sell it and make some money off of it. For me though, I would prefer to simply hold onto that card and keep it for as long as I can and pass it down to future generations of my family, because once you have a valuable hockey card of your favorite hockey player you become somewh

Wayne Gretzky Hockey Cards