Maybe you’ve been playing inline and ice hockey for a few years, starting with skating with some friends at school then getting together a team and to play at a local skating rink.
But then you found out that hockey can be a pretty expensive hobby when it comes to replacing your hockey gear, even if you’re just playing local as a hobby or for some exercise.

Some things you can do to save money is to keep using your same old hockey skates but simply replace the wheels as they wear out, and shop around for the best bargains you can get so you can keep doing what you love doing – playing inline or ice hockey – without spending a fortune.
It can also get expensive to keep replacing the sticks when the hockey stick blades crack, or buying new shafts if one of your sticks breaks. It might also be getting harder to find replacement blades for your favorite hockey shafts.

So here’s a quick idea to help save some money on replacement hockey sticks – simply reuse the perfectly good blades that are attached to broken sticks that always seem to just get thrown away.

How to Get Your Own Cheap Hockey Sticks

Do you often see players throwing away perfectly good hockey shafts because the hockey blades were too worn to play with and think, ‘What a waste of a perfectly good hockey stick (or blade)?’
So grab that stick out of the trash and recycle it! Just start matching up the good blades with the good sticks and you can save yourself a lot of money. When you’re playing hockey as an amateur sport for fun, you’re not getting paid to play so you really don’t want to be laying out the same kind of money even a semi-pro hockey player would for his gear. Instead, you have to look for ways to save money.

Mix ‘N Match!

Take the thrown out shafts with good blades and good sticks with bad blades then mix and match them. Start doing that and you really won’t have to spend any money on hockey sticks or blades.
A lot of hockey players, kids and adults, are still throwing away perfectly good sticks because the blades broke. And you can often still find pretty decent hockey stick blades attached to broken sticks that have been tossed in the trash too.

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