If you have a child who plays goalie in hockey, you probably dread when you have to spend even more money on goalie equipment. Obviously you want your child to be protected from injury and you do not want them to be in harms way by purchasing them sub par hockey goalie equipment. However, goalie equipment is very expensive (even more expensive than regular hockey equipment), and each year that you need to upgrade to a new piece of goaltender gear it gets more expensive.

Although the price of youth goalie gloves is probably not going to be the most expensive thing you buy for your young goalie, it also is not the least expensive either. Purchasing youth goalie gloves can be difficult however, because you have to make sure that the gloves that your child wear are protective enough to prevent injury, but you also do not want them to be wearing junior goalie gloves that are too big. When I used to coach young goaltenders, I would see so many young goalies wearing a youth catcher and youth blocker that were simply too big. While this might not seem like a big deal, it can make playing goalie much more difficult and can slow down there development. Children’s goalie gloves that are too big make it hard for that young goalie to move their hands and arms, not to mention it can be difficult for them to keep those gloves on their hands, which could potentially lead to unnecessary injuries to your child’s hands or wrists.

If you are going to be buying some new youth goalie gloves for your child, I would definitely suggest that you visit your local pro shop to purchase their gloves if you do not know exactly what size that they wear. You should allow your goaltender to try on a few different gloves in order to see what will fit the best and what they are the most comfortable with. Though you might be tempted to just purchase your youth goaltending equipment online, this would likely be a mistake if you do not have much knowledge of goalie equipment prior to making your purchase. Buying any ice hockey equipment online requires you to have a considerable amount of knowledge about hockey gear and sizes. If you are an inexperience hockey parent to a youth goaltender, do yourself a favor when you go to buy your next youth goalie glove, visit your local hockey pro shop and get your child fitted by somebody who knows how the glove should fit.

Youth Goalie Gloves