Choosing hockey gear for your child can be difficult because it is very difficult to tell what fits your child well and what doesn’t. Unless your child knows exactly how the equipment should fit, it will definitely be hard to decipher whether or not each piece of ice hockey gear fits them well or not. With youth goalie pads it can be even more difficult. Not many hockey parents have ever played goalie, so buying hockey goalie equipment is a new experience for them and their child. Youth hockey goalie equipment can be pretty expensive when compared to player’s gear, but luckily it is less expensive that the goalie equipment worn by older goaltenders.

When choosing youth goalie pads for your child, there are a few things that you want to consider. First and foremost, you want to make sure that the height of the junior goalie leg pads are sufficient for your childs height. Obviously you do not want to buy youth goaltender pads hoping that they will last your child three or four years because until they grow into those extra large pads they will be literally swimming in their goalie gear making it very difficult to move and develop their skills as a goaltender. You should keep in mind that your child will likely not fit into the youth goalie leg pads you are currently shopping for for more than a year or two tops.

You also want to make sure that your child’s goalie pads are light. These days most goaltender equipment manufacturers have figured out how to make goalie equipment light. Back in the day however, most goalie leg pads, youth and adult alike were extremely heavy and as your game or practice went on they would soak up a lot of water which would make them even heavier. Light goalie leg pads are essential for quick movement and quick recovery. Obviously you are going to want youth goaltender leg pads that have sufficient protection to keep your child from getting injured, but keep in mind that you definitely do not want heavy leg pads for your child to lug around.

All in all, buying goalie equipment for your child is extremely difficult when they are just starting, but as they play for a few years, you will start to get a handle on what exactly you and your child should be looking for in their protective equipment. Make sure that you do a little bit of research online before jumping into it, otherwise you will suffer from goaltender equipment information overload and you will likely make a mistake in the equipment that you purchase for your youth goaltender.

Youth Goalie Pads