Buying youth hockey skates can be very difficult, especially if you are buying for a very young child. The problem with being a hockey parent looking to purchase ice hockey skates for a young child is that it can be difficult to know if the skates you are about to purchase truly fit your child properly. Obviously when you buy skates, or any ice hockey equipment for that matter, it is easy to know if something fits because you are actually trying the equipment on. Your child likely will not have much of a clue about whether or not the hockey skates that they are trying on actually fit.

When buying youth hockey skates you need to be very careful not to buy skates that are too big for your child. When I used to work at a hockey pro shop back in the day, we would make sure that you could not fit more than one finger in the back of the youth ice hockey skates before you tied them. The problem with accidentally buying skates that are too large for your child’s feet is that their heel will start to slip up with every stride that they take and in turn they will pretty much instantly develop many blisters. This can be incredibly frustrating for parents and children alike because the child won’t enjoy skating and you, as a parent, will end up having to buy a new pair of skates sooner than you would like.

The best advice I can give a youth hockey parent looking to buy junior hockey skates is to listen to the employees at the pro shop where you are buying the skates. Obviously you do not want to buy your child’s hockey skates online because you want to be able to have them try on the skates before you buy them so that you can know that they fit before you spend your hard earned money on the youth hockey skate of their choice. There is no need to rush into buying a pair of hockey skates for your child. Have them try on several pairs of skates in different brands and different models until they find a pair that they recognize as being comfortable to their foot.

If you are new to being a hockey parent and don’t know what to buy for your child in terms of ice hockey gear, don’t hesitate to do some research online to identify what is the best equipment to buy for your children.

Youth Ice Hockey Skates